During his visit in Kigali from 19th to 20th February Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier met with representatives of the government and the civil society. Furthermore he paid a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial.



Information about the language courses are available at the following


 Language course office of the German Embassy

Monday to Thursday from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

German Cultural Center

13, Avenue Paul VI – KN 27 Street / Kiyovu



Language course information:

A1 examination/certificate:

Beginner classes (level 1):

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm


Advanced beginner class (level 2):

Mondays and Wednesdays from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm


Advanced beginner class (level 3):

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm


A2 examination/certificate:

Advanced class: Mondays and Wednesdays from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm


Fee: 16.000 RwF per month to be paid in advance at the language course
office of the German Embassy.



Students can pass the A1 examination only after completing book 1 AND book 2!

Welcome - Murakaza neza -

to the website of the German Embassy in Kigali!

It is our pleasure to introduce to you our work and activities in Rwanda and assist you with useful information about Germany.
We would like to invite you to browse through this website and enjoy!


Since 1st March 2013, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium is in charge of all Schengen visa on behalf of the German Embassy Kigali! Since 14th March 2013, all Schengen member states represented in Rwanda have started applying the VIS system.

VIS - Visa Information System

The Visa Information System – VIS

The Visa Information System (VIS) is an IT system that allows Schengen States to exchange visa data. The main purpose of the VIS is to simplify the visa issuance process, facilitate checks at external borders and to enhance security for everyone involved, including applicants.

Refugees from Burundi: German Government supports UNHCR with 1 Mio. EUR

Since March 2015, tensions have been rising in Burundi. The upcoming elections and Nkurunziza’s intention to run for a third term triggered violence, insecurity and fleeing. It is anticipated, that ab...

PhD scholarships to Germany

Full grant scholarship:The scholarship covers the living expenses for a 3-year research stay at a German university or research institute. There are no tuition fees to be paid for PhD studies at publi...

29.03.2014 - Umuganda: President Kagame and Ambassador Fahrenholtz

Strengthening of the African Union Border Management Programme “From Barriers to Bridges” in Rwanda

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mary BAINE, together with the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Rwanda, Mr. Peter Fahrenholtz, today launched the African Union Border Management Programme through an official handing over of equipment for border delimitation and demarcation.

Logo des Goethe-Instituts

GOETHE-INSTITUT German Cultural Center / Liaison Office Kigali

13, KN 27 St., Kiyovu

P.O. Box 6889, Kigali/Rwanda

E-Mail: kigali%27%goethe%27%org,assistenz

Tel.:  +250 (0)784 950744

For the actual programme of the month, please contact Goethe-Institut directly or leave your email address with them to be included in their regular mailing list.

Berchtesgaden mit Kehlsteinhaus, Salzbergwerk und Nationalpark

Germany – always worth a visit!

Planning a trip to Germany and looking to inform yourself before you go? The German National Tourist Board uses its website to provide extensive and well‑presented information about towns and cities, culture, events, leisure activities and business trips. Discover Destination Germany through the multimedia prism of www.germany.travel.

German Financial Cooperation worth 10 million Euro

On 22 November 2013, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Rwanda, Mr. Peter Fahrenholtz, and the Executive Secretary of CEPGL (Communauté Economique des Pays des Grands Lacs), Mr. Herman Tuyaga, signed an agreement on German Financial Cooperation worth EUR 10 million for the benefit of the project “Improvement of Energy Supply in the Great Lakes Region, High Voltage Transmission Line Kamanyola – agglomeration Bukavu”. The funding is made available by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development via KfW Development Bank, and will be implemented by EGL (Energie des Grands Lacs).

TVET Project Launch

Rwandan-German cooperation in the TVET sector has substantially been reinforced over the last years making the TVET sector the core area of Rwandan-German development cooperation. The current joint development cooperation programme comprises approx. EUR 18 million for 3 years provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

University instructor

Online courses in higher education

Starting mid-October, Berlin-based iversity.org, a platform for academic online teaching, will offer its first Massive Open Online Courses, known as “MOOCs”. Courses are taught by renowned German and international faculty and are available to students worldwide, for free.

Germany and Europe

The making of German government policy on Europe

Nowadays European policy covers all policy fields. To be an effective advocate of Germany’s interests in Europe, the Federal Government needs efficient policy coordination mechanisms.

The Niederwalddenkmal monument located in the Niederwald Landscape park, near Rüdesheim am Rhein

DW - New Multimedia Project "Along the Rhine"

DW's new multimedia project puts spotlight on the Rhine: With a variety of videos, picture galleries and reports, Deutsche Welle's multimedia project "Along the Rhine" invites users to an interactive tour along Germany’s longest river.

Bildungspartnerschaft Afrika

New online portal launched for the High-Tech Strategy

The German Government’s 2020 High-Tech Strategy unites the various strands of the Government’s activities in research and innovation

Africa and Germany

Oct 8, 2015 4:18 PM

German Unification Run in Ethiopia

Celebrating 25 years of German Unity, a 4km run was held on October 3, 2015 under the joint patronage of German Ambassador Joachim Schmidt and Ethiopian running legend Haile Gebreselassie. 3,000 young Ethiopians from various schools in Addis Ababa participated in the run on the streets of Addis Ababa, wearing black, red and gold T-shirts. The run was organized by the German Embassy in Addis Ababa and GIZ in cooperation with the Great Ethiopian Run. It aimed at celebrating the anniversary with Ethiopia, which has benefited from reunited Germany for the past 25 years.

Oct 8, 2015 2:55 PM

Walter J. Lindner – Germany's piano playing ambassador to South Africa

Showbiz and diplomacy are not known to be bedfellows. But when diplomat and musician Walter J. Lindner became German ambassador in Kenya in 2006 he saw local artists as his allies in his peacemaking efforts following the post-election bloodshed that engulfed the country the following year and claimed over a thousand lives during ethnically motivated clashes. The first step he took was to collect twenty albums of Kenya’s finest artists across genres. After listening to their recordings, he selected those he considered the best and invited them to his residence for performances.

Oct 6, 2015 11:09 AM

Treasure trove of Bamako

Inside the Bamako manuscript archive, which was modernised in 2013, lies what is prob­ably the most important collection of written testimony to the history of West Africa. In some 2,400 heavy metal crates are a total of 285,000 centuries-old manuscripts from Timbuktu and its surroundings. The project is financed to the tune of several hundred thousand ­Euro by the Federal Foreign Office and the Gerda Henkel Foundation.

Oct 6, 2015 10:55 AM

African Futures Festivals in Joburg, Lagos and Nairobi

What might various African futures look like? How do artists and academics imagine this future? And what forms and narratives of science fiction have African artists developed? These are some of the questions addressed by the project “African Futures”, organized by the Goethe-Institut from October 28 to 31, 2015. Three concurrent interdisciplinary festivals taking place in Johannesburg/South Africa, Lagos/Nigeria and Nairobi/Kenya will be exploring the future, following potential narratives and artistic expression in literature, fine arts, performance, music, film, and various digital formats.

Oct 5, 2015 2:50 PM

The digital space offers new freedom

For a long time, contemporary art from Africa had a low profile in Germany. Art historian Yvette Mutumba set out to change that. The platform “C&“ that she co-founded is a stage for aspiring artists.

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The Ambassador


Peter Fahrenholtz

The Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs

Federal Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier

German Information Centre Africa

Aufbau des Zeltes für die Zirkus-Show Afrika Afrika

Africa is a special focus of German foreign policy. Germany's policy towards Africa is value-based; its principles are respect for human rights, democracy, and the rule of law and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

IFA - Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations

IFA - Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

The Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, ifa) is an organization operating worldwide to promote artistic exchange and dialogue between civil societies and to provide information about foreign cultural policy.

Prevention of Corruption

The Directive Concerning the Prevention of Corruption in the Federal Administration of 30 July 2004 lays down the legal framework for the anti-corruption tasks at the Federal Foreign Office headquarters and at German missions abroad. The Directive is intended to offer clear and concise guidelines on honest, fair and transparent actions by the federal administration.

Facts about Germany

Facts about Germany

Facts about Germany is a handbook for anyone seeking reliable and up-to-date information on the Federal Republic of Germany. It provides facts and figures about the country and its people, its government system, social life, political groupings and trends, all the different sectors of industry and business, and the multi-faceted face of culture in Germany and its 16 federal states.

Special feature on “25 years of German unity” in the current issue of DE Magazin Deutschland

The special feature on “25 years of German unity” in the current issue of DE Magazin Deutschland and the corresponding dossier on the deutschland.de website do not only present background articles and interviews looking back on what has been achieved, but also and above all they focus on the present in Germany today.

Sign and Sight offers free access to daily reviews of Germany's cultural press, translations of keynote articles and reviews of the season's best publications.

Obligation to declare cash in amounts of EUR 10,000 or more entering or leaving the EU

All travellers entering or leaving the European Union with €10,000 or more in cash must declare the sum to Customs from 15 June 2007. This initiative has been taken to assist the efforts being made at EU level to tackle crime and improve security by cracking down on money laundering, terrorism and criminality.

German Bundesliga

All the top news from the German Bundesliga at a glance: fixtures, results, clubs, players and much more.

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming an engineer?  This month on Young Germany we have information about where to train, how to find a job, and an interview with someone already working in the field.

Learning German with the Band Einshoch6

Deutsche Welle invites German learners around the world to improve their language skills and discover Germany with hip-hop band EINSHOCH6. The new video series "Bandtagebuch" (Band Diary) was launched...

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Education and training are major areas of foundation work

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