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General Visa information

Since 2013 the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium is in charge of all Schengen visa (valid less than 90 days) for RWANDAN nationals on behalf of the German Embassy in Kigali. If you are a RWANDAN national and need a national visa (valid more than 90 days) for Germany (e.g. as a student, partner of a German national, etc.), the German Embassy is handling your visa request. If you are a NON RWANDAN national with legal residence in Rwanda, the German Embassy is handling your visa request for any type of visa.

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Passport & Legal

Whether you need a visa for Germany or are looking for information on German citizenship, customs regulations, inheritance matters, marriage in Germany, notarization of documents, or numerous other consular matters, this site is a good place to start.

VIDEX - online application for short-term Schengen visa

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Please read the following information carefully before starting to enter your data in VIDEX!

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