The Embassy and its individual sections

Ambassador Dr. Peter Woeste

The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany

Dr. Peter Woeste

Ambassador Dr. Peter Woeste and the Hon. Louise Mushikiwabo, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

The political section

The Political Section maintains direct bilateral political relations and contacts between Germany and Rwanda. The Embassy's main task is the promotion of bilateral relations at the political level. This is done through a permanent dialogue with the Rwandan government and civil society covering the whole range of political issues, the observation and analysis of Rwanda's foreign and domestic policies, the preparation and management of high-level visits of politival decisionmakers as well as the coordination of policies in multilateral bodies.

Federal Minister Gerd Müller with the Hon. Claver Gatete, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning

The development policy section

Rwanda is one of the focal countries of our development cooperation. The Embassy is the interface between the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Rwandan Government for dialogue about framework agreements and the realization of our technical and financial cooperation with Rwanda.

The Embassy takes part in voting meetings of the donor countries and donor organizations represented in Rwanda, and supports the work of the German organizations, especially GIZ and KfW.

In addition to this, the Embassy provides funds to micro projects which support and promote self-help.

Chili Processing

The economic section

The Embassy’s Economic Section aims to promote German-Rwandan trade relations. The Economic section is a contact partner for all German companies, which are currently represented in Rwanda or are planning to do so in future. Furthermore, the Economic Department is in close contact with relevant Rwandan institutions and authorities and observes the economic development and economic policy of the host country.


The consular section

The Legal and Consular Section is there to provide support and advice to German citizens within the bounds of its legal possibilities. It offers a range of services, including issuing German passports, issuing visas for Rwandans and other nationals, providing guidance on issues of personal welfare such as German nationality or pensions, and assistance to stranded tourists. The Consular Section also provides a number of notarial services, such as certification of copies and signatures, and recording of affidavits, applications for inheritance certificates and prenuptual agreements. The Consular Officer may provide information regarding other legal and consular matters within the bounds of what is legally and logistically possible. Any Germans who find themselves in an emergency situation in Rwanda are given assistance by the Embassy so that they are able to help themselves.

The cultural section

Amongst others the cultural section deals with music, sports, traditional dance, arts and crafts and recently also with the growing film industry in Rwanda.

A Goethe Institut opened in 2009. (link below)

Since September 2016 the DAAD has a German lecturer at the University of Rwanda. (link below)

printed speakers hot from the press

The press section

The Press Section keeps in touch with representatives of the national media and monitors press reporting. It also responds to written and verbal requests by members of the Rwandan public and journalists, in order to present an accurate and current image of Germany. Upon request information material about Germany can be obtained from the Embassy, if available.

The Embassy and its individual sections


Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda in Berlin

Ambassador Igor Cesar

German Institutions represented in Rwanda

Prevention of Corruption

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