Lucy Gakii Chodota

Producer from Kenya

There wasn’t anything like this: a platform that we were able to really open about African film.


LOGO Berlinale Africa Hub + TEXTTAFEL:

The communication and networking platform for the African film industry and visitors to the European Film Market at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival.  


Andreas Görgen

Federal Foreign Office

We’re bringing together German producers and African film-makers. Because Africa is important, and we want to understand the stories coming out of Africa.


Lien Heidenreich-Seleme

Goethe-Institut South Africa

The Africa Hub at the Berlinale is trying to encourage new ideas when it comes to Africa.


Rodney Charles

Actor & Producer

We are now exploring virtual reality and immersive film-making which is a really exciting time because what we are looking at is actually a leapfrogging effect of Africa coming from a point where very few filmmakers to now individuals on every level having access to that technology and playing with it in very exciting ways.


Ng’endo Mukii

Director & Virtual Reality Artist

So you are watching an underwater scene and even though you are sitting and breathing perfectly normal air your brain is able to trick your body into believing something that doesn’t exist. So I find this medium extremely magical.


Lien Heidenreich-Seleme

Goethe-Institut South Africa

When you look at the major clichés peddled with regard to Africa you have the savanna and animals and sunsets or major catastrophes and war. Through the Virtual Reality Project we’re trying to tell other interesting stories from Africa.


John Trengove

Director of “The Wound”

South African, German, Dutch, French Co-production

It started with a conversation about South African cinema and our desire to make a queer film…


… it’s really about the nature of patriarchy and masculinity which is clearly universal…


Everybody who contributed either financially or with their own resources did it because they believe in the project and the way we were telling the story.


Caitlin Pansegrouw

Casting Director of “The Wound”

Places like this are essential to what we do. As a producer I see the largest part of my job as scouting talents and finding talents and connecting talented people. So there is no better space.


Lucy Gakii Chodota

Producer from Kenya

It’s absolutely worth it to be here at the Berlinale Africa Hub and I applaud the initiative!